A-Book Photo

A-BOOK Photo

Arthink-books are born for artists and illustrators, with the intent to promote the diffusion of visual art through new ways of using and diffusing it. With the typical approach of industrial design , we have revisited the Visual Art Product proposing original and practical solutions , first of all the idea to facilitate replacement of the works on the walls, the optimization of the transport and the conservation of the work when it's not exposed.

With the same spirit we propose, now a renewed version for photography .
To meet the specific needs of photographers, we have introduced some news in our "Book-Picture" , first of all the horizontal version , a typical format of photography, then the fine art print on acrylic glass , a technique that, in addition to protecting the work, greatly enhances the image, and finally different models and dimensions.

Gli Arthink-book sono prodotti artigianalmente in Italia, utilizzando le migliori tecnologie di stampa Fine Art per garantire il massimo della resa cromatica.
La tecnologia di stampa utilizzata è l’Ultrachrome HDX Epson su carta fotografica, la stampa viene poi applicata sotto un pannello in vetro acrilico da 3 mm (Altuglas PMMA colato).
I pannelli, distanziati tra di loro di circa 10 mm, sono a loro volta applicati su di un telo in tessuto nero flessibile con una trama molto piacevole al tatto.

Holes on panels allow you to hang the A-book when it is open.
The work has incorporated a personalized cardboard cover..
The title and the author both on the cover and on the back allow easy traceability when the work is placed in the bookcase, exactly like with a book.
Each work can present information about the author and the work in the second cover.

It also has a authenticity certificate and of a unique serial number, which identifies the copy, edition, circulation, and allows traceability.
The work is packaged and protected in a canvas case with velcro closure.
Also available the gift box with customizable ticket and direct sending to the beneficiary.



Fine Art Printing on
satin photo paper.


Fine Art printing behind glass
acrylic (cast plexiglass),
the images are protected and
they acquire a pleasant one
depth effect.

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